Houston Freight Forwarding Staffing Service

Possessing 16 years in staffing across Houston, Bridget Batson matches freight forwarding candidates with quality freight forwarding positions across Houston. 

Employers: I gather not only the experience you are seeking, but also the personality best suited for your office. There is the perfect job for every single candidate. My job is to match the right staff to the right freight forwarding office.

Some offices are quiet. So, if someone informs me they tend to be loud in the office, I can assume your organization will not be the right fit for that candidates. Other offices are loud and rambunctious. Therefore, if one of my candidate tells me they prefer quieter environments that allow them to think, I know that your office won’t be their (or your) ideal match.

We spend more hours at work than we do even with our own family and friends. Let me assist you in building a cohesive environment with quality new employees so that you and your current staff continue to enjoy their time at work.

Candidates: I work with you to find the best opportunity for your experience, personality, and long term goals. Have you ever accepted a position and had it be completely different when you started working there? I can give you INSIGHT on each one of my clients. I will let you know their environment, inform you how many people I have placed there, feedback received, and success rate. This ensures the right fit for both you and the company.

I do not work like other staffing firms, where you go into their office and spend 4 hours filling out paperwork hoping in the future you might receive a call. I treat each of my applicants as professionals and respect your time. I schedule interviews (not appointments) with my candidates when I have opportunites that meet your needs and goals.

Bridget Batson
Owner, BMB Staffing
(713) 502.0614